Tannhäuser: A Student's Perspective

What have you enjoyed most about taking part in Tannhäuser?

I found the venue breath-taking and I loved the sense of pride and power that I got from performing in front of thousands of people. The chocolate-flavoured Muller Corner yogurts in the canteen were delicious too!—Alistair Brendon, Year 7
I liked being treated as ‘professionals’ as we had our own dressing rooms. I also liked acting as a pilgrim.—Rishon Rajkumar, Year 7
The food, and bowing on stage in front of thousands of people.—Ralph Talman, Year 8
Seeing the performance grow throughout rehearsals.—Joshua Dennis, Year 8
Being able to sing alongside some of the best singers in the world—Daniel Blaze, Year 8
The costumes!—Milo Morrod, Year 7

How did you find the experience of working with the adult chorus of the ROH and professional singers?

It helped me develop good stage presence and improved my confidence. We’re all used to children’s voices, so hearing professional singers was a really nice change.—Adam Abrahams, Year 8
They are all incredible singers and very friendly too.—Daniel Blaze, Year 8
The chorus were very kind and helpful if you were nervous or unsure on a note. It was humbling to share the stage with some of the best in the business and it was amazing to receive a pat on the back from Hartmut Haenchen, the distinguished octogenarian conductor!—Alistair Brendon, Year 7

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